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10 Spanish Language Musicians Your Students Will Love

Spanish Language Resources: 10 Spanish Language Musicians Your Students Will Love

The Spanish-speaking world has produced some of the world’s best and most influential music. Pioneering artists in genres such as flamenco, salsa, chicha, cumbia, pop, funk, disco and reggae have ...

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25 Spanish Language Movies Appropriate for Students

Spanish Language Resources: 25 Student Appropriate Spanish-Language Movies

As we mentioned in our blog post on 25 French Language Movies Appropriate for Students, movies can be a teacher’s best friend. Whether it’s leaving something for a sub to entertain ...

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acis parents: expanding my child's horizons

VIDEO: ACIS Parents: Expanding My Child’s Horizons

  For every parent weighing the decision to send their child on an educational tour, there’s a lot to consider. Safety is always priority number one, but cost, educational value, ...

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Brexit Peter Jones Makes the Case for REMAIN

Brexit: Peter Jones Makes the Case for REMAIN!

On June 23, the UK will hold a historic referendum that will determine whether they stay inside of the European Union or exit. “The Brexit,” as it’s called, has divided ...

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French Language Resources: 5 Ways to Bring French Culture into Your Classroom

French Language Resources: 5 Ways to Bring French Culture into Your Classroom

For French teachers, teaching the language is just the beginning. Teaching your students vocabulary and grammar is an essential first step, but then it’s all about the culture that connects ...

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Crêpes recipe of the week

French Crêpes – Recipe of the Week

This week’s recipe takes us to France where in cities like Paris, crêpes are available on every street corner. The word crêpe is of French origin, deriving from the Latin ...

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25 French Movies Appropriate for Students

French Language Resources: 25 French Movies Appropriate for Students

Movies are a teacher’s best friend. Not only do they occupy antsy students’ attention on afternoons in June, but for foreign language teachers, they’re a fantastic way to expose your students ...

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zika virus: what you need to know before you travel

Zika Virus: What You Need to Know Before You Travel

For anyone who has considered traveling to Central or South America recently, they’ve also certainly considered the risk of contracting the Zika Virus. We’ve heard from many of our group ...

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bruschetta recipe of the week

Bruschetta 2 Ways – Recipe of the Week

For this week’s recipe, we go to a country whose culinary tradition is truly unmatched–Italy. Few countries on the planet enjoy a good meal quite as much as Italy where ...

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STEM educational travel in iceland

STEM Educational Travel in Iceland: An Interview with Science Teacher and ACIS Group Leader – Yvonne John

Yvonne John is a science teacher at Naperville North High School in Naperville, IL. She teaches Chemistry and AP Environmental Science, so she is always looking for ways to paint ...

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