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elgin marbles - copy right british museum

Have They Lost Their Elgin Marbles?

For the first time in ages, literally, a bit of the now infamous Elgin Marbles is on the move. Back to whence it came? No – it’s been shipped to ...

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New York Red Bulls v New England Revolution - Eastern Conference Final - Leg 2

GoPlay Sports meets New England Revolution Striker Charlie Davies

This blogpost is from GoPlay Sports, a division of ACIS, that takes club, college and high school teams of all skill levels to world-class venues in Europe, the Americas and Australia. Fresh ...

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Sydney Harbour

Inspire Your Own ‘Must Go Explore’ List

I was recently struck by thoughts of ‘incredible’ at seeing photos of the Tower of London with commemorative poppies filling its moat. These thoughts were, not surprisingly, closely followed by ...

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Red poppies

Why You’ll See Poppies Everywhere in London This Time of Year

Every year at this time, London is a sea of red. To commemorate the end of the First World War, tradition has it that poppies are sold on the streets ...

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Project Travel Start

All Great Explorers Need Backing: Fundraising with Project Travel

When you think of historical explorers like Christopher Columbus, Lewis & Clark, or Marco Polo, you might conjure images of sailing vessels chartering temperamental seas, covered wagons traversing seemingly impossible ...

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City of Istanbul

Turkey Delights – ACIS President Peter Jones Visits Istanbul

Turkey. It is at once an exotic place, a border country between Asia and Europe which has this veneer of Euro sophistication, spotty in places, but reassuringly there. Istanbul’s airport, ...

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Lucy Ryan

Tour Manager Spotlight: Meet Lucy Ryan

Get to know our tour managers, well-traveled and fascinating individuals who make your ACIS educational tours truly unique and unforgettable. Today we’re happy to introduce you to Lucy Ryan. Hi ...

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A Passion For Travel: The Inspiring ACIS Community

Not only does ACIS pride itself on delivering the best quality educational tours in the industry, but we also are fortunate to have a strong community of passionate teachers and ...

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7 Travel planning tips for busy teachers

7 Travel Planning Tips for Busy Teachers

An experienced teacher and ACIS group leader offers tips on how to balance a busy teaching schedule and organizing student travel. This is a guest blog post written by Pam ...

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Tweet 101

How Social Media Can Help Grow Your Travel Group

Interested in how to host a superior recruitment meeting? We have a webinar for that! You can watch it online on our YouTube channel. So you’ve made the leap and ...

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