10 Ways to Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week

May 4th-11th marks Teacher Appreciation Week, and while you may see a shortage of Red Delicious apples in the produce section, there are plenty of other creative ways to acknowledge the passion and dedication of the teachers in your life.

Here are 10 small ways to celebrate teachers that show gratitude without having to buy a one-time souvenir. Complete #10 and you could win a $50 Amazon gift card!

1. Write a Note About a Time They Inspired You
You don’t have to buy a card to share a meaningful sentiment. Grab some pen and paper and write a note to your teachers about a particular interaction with them that had an impact on you. Whether they illuminated a concept in science class or helped build up your confidence in a moment of doubt, acknowledging and celebrating a teacher’s impact can be a gift in itself.

2. Invite Them to Lunch
No spending spree required! Invite your teacher to a group lunch in the cafeteria or the classroom. It’s a great chance for you to connect with them personally and talk about life outside the classroom (aka what they thought of the newest Avengers movie).

3. Make Their Lunch Special
On the flipside of #2, lunchtime is often a teacher’s chance to have a break. Why not make it feel like a real meal? A tablecloth and some fresh cut flowers on the table will go a long way. Or you can download #4 as a decorative centerpiece!

4. Download This Image
Share this with your teacher. You can print it out or share over Facebook. Be sure to use #TeacherAppreciationWeek!



5. Reach Out to Past Teachers Who Have Helped You
Teacher Appreciation Week isn’t just about celebrating the teacher you have now: it means celebrating the hard work of teachers past, present, and future. Reach out to a teacher you’ve had previously – 10 months ago or 10 years ago – and let them know the work they did inspired you. Even the smallest acknowledgement can make a huge impact!

6. Put Together a Collage
Does your teacher say the darndest things? Or maybe it’s the words of compassion that have stuck with you. Work with your classmates to come up with a collage of all the attributes you love about your teacher, including all-time favorite quotes, and create a poster or a door covering that celebrates their personality.

7. Donate To or Volunteer For a Cause That’s Important to Them
Does your teacher like animals? Music education? Environmental research? Make an individual contribution to a program they support or gather your friends for a collective donation. Bonus points for following through on a subject you’ve discovered through your in-class activities: knowing students are engaged in the curriculum is a teaching win!

8. Help Stock the Classroom
Speaking of donations, if there is one thing teachers are always in need of, it’s school supplies. Consider donating gently used pencils, markers, and paper from your home or bring an item or two from the dollar section.

9. Create a Compliment Wall
You probably don’t interact with every teacher in school, but wouldn’t it be great to make a space for anyone to share their memories and positive attributes? Talk to your school admins about setting up a communal bulletin board for the week where everyone can leave notes. Peninsula High School’s “Share the Love” campaign was in February, but the concept is great for Teacher Appreciation Week too!

10. Leave a Comment on This Post 

Share your gratitude for a teacher in your life, past or present, in the comment section of this post and you will be entered to win two $50 Amazon cards, one for you and one for your teacher! We will share select comments on our social media pages during Teacher Appreciation Week and select a winner via lottery. Comments posted before May 9 will be considered.



  • Danielle Lacke

    May 03, 05 2018 01:44:17

    I am thankful for my AP European History teacher Mr. Grunloh; he not only was an excellent teacher, but he fostered my love for travel through our trip to Paris, Lucerne, and Munich. He made the trip educational and fun and a trip to remember forever. I am thankful to have had Mr. Grunloh as a teacher for two years, but as an inspiration for many more.

  • Ellie McShane

    May 03, 05 2018 01:44:32

    One of the most influential teachers in my life is my World History teacher, Mrs. Franta. She encouraged me to take my first AP class, and she pushed me to sign up for the Europe trip through ACIS. On the trip, it was so fun to spend time with her as she gave us travelling trips and fun facts. She brightens my day every time I see her in the hall, and I am truly grateful for how she has shaped me into the person I am today.

  • Emily Bradfield

    May 03, 05 2018 02:16:09

    My teacher Mr. Rogosich led my trip in Italy with ACIS; what a trip of a lifetime! Not only does he push me to think beyond the typical scope of a high school course in my Holocaust Literature class and ponder difficult yet meaningful questions, but as we roamed through Florence, Rome, and Venice, he (a 20+ year vet of the trip) would pull me aside and give me personal attention and facts on what we were seeing and where we were going. Rogo is the most fun-loving, crazy, high-energy teacher I have ever and will ever meet — there is never a dull moment in his class! One moment, he is standing on a desk, making us all laugh; the next moment, he is making us all think deeply about who we are.

  • Ainslie Allen

    May 03, 05 2018 02:38:45

    My Latin teacher Ms. Shupp creates a warm and inviting learning environment for all her students on a daily basis. She incorporates traditional Latin learning into our lives and teaches us things that most teachers don’t care enough to do, or lack the ability to do. She teaches motivation, empowerment, and work ethic. Ms. Shupp always makes us feel welcome in the classroom, and does her best to make personal connections with all her students. She also happens to be one of the few teachers in the world who actually knows how to use technology and social media, which she uses as a way to connect with students and motivate them. She has been going on trips with her students through ACIS every two years since the 2000s. When encouraging her students to go on the trip, she explains how even those with low income can afford to go with a little bit of elbow grease and determination. She has been to Italy around 20 times. There is no one else I would want to learn Latin, Roman culture, how Ancient Rome influences America and the rest of the world, and basic life lessons like honesty, integrity, and the value of hard work from.

  • Sonia Gazula

    May 03, 05 2018 05:40:43

    One teacher who has made a significant impression on me through his teaching is Mr. Jeff Prondzinski. In his Advanced Placement European History Class, every student is expected to be responsible for their own learning. His teaching style has clearly been impactful on many people, with students of all ages, education levels, and occupational fields coming back to Wayzata to visit him. Mr. Prondzinski is the first teacher I have had who allows his students complete independence in their learning. I believe that one reason why I have been successful in this class is because I am expected to develop good homework and study habits, asking for assistance when I feel I need to. In many other classes, students are dependent on the teacher for learning, which is not necessarily a bad thing. In Mr. Prondzinski’s class, however, students are self-dependent and learn skills which will be used in all aspects of adult life. On top of this, Mr. Prondzinski teaches in a compelling way that makes me excited to go to first block each morning. Instead of just having students mindlessly copy down notes, he formulates a story, helping students learn and understand history in a memorable way. Unlike many Advanced Placement teachers, Mr. Prondzinski does not wish for his students to simply pass the AP test, he expects us to excel. Again, he constantly reminds his students that they must be self-reliant and independent in order to excel. But above all else, Mr. Prondzinski believes that taking a European history course will make students more educated people. Any student who has ever had him as a teacher, mentor, or coach will say that Mr. Prondzinski believes in education being a gateway to the world. From him, I have learned that letter grades, AP test scores, and how well the student next to me did are not important. Rather, what is truly important is being able to use and apply what I learn in a class in order to keep up with the ever-changing pace of the world. I am very excited to be going on the France-Germany trip through ACIS with him as one of our group leaders this summer!

  • Jack Campbell

    May 04, 05 2018 12:53:56

    I am very thankful for my Pre-Ap English Teacher Mrs. Bastin. She has been my most favorite teacher out of all the teachers I have ever had. She’s not like most teachers she actually listens to you and talks to you in a way that makes you feel like your her own child. She’s very loving and compassionate and always has a good story to tell. She has inspired me throughout her class to learn more things about other countries and she has inspired me to go on a trip with her to Europe. I love listening to her stories about her travels around the world. She really is a great teacher and a great friend to me.

  • Joe Borman

    May 04, 05 2018 09:43:14

    My Spanish teacher, Ms Reichel , has shared with me the one thing, perhaps the most important in life, is one person caring for another is the only thing that truly makes a difference.

  • Maritza Toro

    May 04, 05 2018 10:51:01

    My favorite teacher is Sra. Fisher my Spanish teacher, my mentor. She has a passion for teaching a second language like no one. She is caring, dedicated and never gives up. I wish I have that passion and energy. Her shoes are very hard to fill. Mi maestra favorita.

  • Zoe Koch

    May 04, 05 2018 09:06:00

    Mrs. Pool is a wonderful tecaher who cares dearly about her students.

  • Eliza Lyons

    May 04, 05 2018 10:11:41

    I’m grateful for every last one of my teachers even if some push me through times I appreciate it because it shows me they personally care about me. I also love how my math teacher this year took time out of her life to set up a tutoring session to help struggling kids. I thank every last teacher out there. I don’t know how you guys do it all as a single person. I still have 2 years left of high school until I graduate in 2020. I honestly like all my teachers this semester. I currently have 3 A’s and an 82% in math. Ive had AB honor roll the two past times because of what my teachers did to help me in any way possible. I’d love for one of my teachers to win and treat themselves to a vacation that’s not school related just to relax.

  • Hannah

    May 06, 05 2018 04:33:08

    I’m thankful for my English teacher Mrs.Sharp. She has helped me through an extremely tough time in my life. She shared with me her story and I figured out we have a bunch in common. I love her so so much, she means the world to me! She listens to me when I talk and treats me in a way that makes me feel like her own child. She truly teaches from the heart and we definitely need more teachers like her. She’s one of a kind and I wouldn’t trade her for anyone. She has inspired me to teach but her shoes will be very hard to fill.God truly lives through her. She’s an angel. She’s my favorite. She is Mrs.Sharp!❤


  • Susan

    May 07, 05 2018 01:35:14

    I’m so thankful for my son’s first grade teacher, Mrs. Scier. His 3 Rs have all improved dramatically and wonderfully, but what I’m really grateful for is her ability to teach the whole child. He’s becoming more of a leader and is more curious about the world. He’s a thoughtful friend. Thanks you Mrs. Scier!

  • Libby Rasmussen

    May 07, 05 2018 06:19:57

    My teacher Mrs. Swank is one of my biggest role models. She is always there to help with an assignment or offer great advice. Mrs. Swank pushes me to do my very best in school. If I could choose one teacher who has taught me the most in school it would definitely be her!

  • Jayda Sanders

    May 07, 05 2018 06:21:12

    I appreciate my sociology and psychology teacher, Mrs. Swank. She has been my all time favorite teacher because of her positivity, energy, and care for all her students. She has been like a second mother to me and I appreciate everything she has done for me. Not only has she been the best teacher in my high school experience, she has been a role model and friend. Every morning she greets me with a smile and always asks me how I am doing. She genuinely cares about me and all of her other students. She goes out of her sometimes to give everyone amazing opportunities and strives to give everyone the bet education. She influences me to give everyone a chance and to see the best in everyone. As a senior this year, I will miss her dearly but I am so grateful for the impact she has had on my life.

  • Jemeil

    May 07, 05 2018 06:55:36

    A teacher that impacted my life was all Florida, and Puerto Rico. However, my mother Ana Alicea which is a retired High School Teacher and University Professor in Puerto Rico always pointed to the right direction in my career and life choices. Ms. Alicea always supported me, guided me even today in my profession as a High School Teacher. There were other teachers that impacted my life like my High School History Teacher Mr. Jesus Souffront, in Puerto Rico, demonstrated as my role model and that history can be something you can integrate and you can contribute into in real life. As the years went by I remember Mr. Souffront attending my university, Interamerican University of Puerto Rico, which he was completing his Masters then, later on, completed his doctoral defense and became Dr. Souffront. He has been School Principal (Director) in many schools, eventually became a District Superintendent and also is currently running as Mayor for Toa Baja, Puerto Rico.

  • Chiane

    May 07, 05 2018 08:11:26

    I am beyond thankful for my German teacher Frau Law. It was hard to choose just one teacher from my school, but when it came down to it I knew it was her. She’s sweet, kind, caring, and funny. She’ll sit and listen to you about whatever you want to talk about and she’ll enjoy it. She cares about each and every one of her students. Whenever something happens I know I can talk to her about whatever it is. I love having someone I can trust in the building. She doesn’t have any children of her own, but we are her children. That’s how close she is with us. She deserves a break to get herself whatever she wants and having that gift card would help a lot. Danke Frau Law. Du bist die beste Lehrerin!

    • wp-admin

      May 10, 05 2018 10:03:51

      Hi Chiane! We’ve just had our lottery and your comment was the lucky winner! Thank you so much for sharing such kind words about your teacher, Frau Law.

      Follow up with me at sbichsel@acis.com for details on claiming your gift cards. And let me know if you can provide a photo of you and your teacher as soon as possible for sharing on social!


      Sarah, ACIS Social Media Manager

  • Ginger K

    May 08, 05 2018 01:13:09

    I’m thankful for 2 teachers (and I’ll give my $50 Amazon cars so they can each have them if I win): Mrs Presson and Ms McKie! They are both positive teachers who go out of their way to help others and make a difference in our school!

  • Kaiya

    May 08, 05 2018 10:07:07

    My 8th grade US History teacher Mrs Simmons has impacted the lives of all her students in many ways. Some days we’ll come into class and end up having hour-long discussions about the way the world is and how things haven’t changed compared to history. She makes sure we all feel loved and like we have a voice. I’m awful at forming connections, but with Mrs Simmons, she makes it easier.

  • Florence Nicholas

    May 08, 05 2018 12:47:24

    My Chemistry Teacher Mr. Jones in High School is my hero! I enjoyed spending time with him as much as I could. I would go help him set up his Chemistry labs. I would stay after and before school to learn more. I had just come from my country in El Salvador and I needed desperately to feel part of a group and belong. He made me feel right at home. He saw in me what I could not see at that time. He saw that I was a fighter, a believer, a warrior! I never gave up no matter what. I graduated with Honors and earned a full scholarship to College. Even with my not so perfect English I thrived in College. I became the only Chemist woman to graduate at my College. I remember during tough times and wanting to quit. I remembered the promise I had made to my teacher. I kept my word and earned his respect. I graduated as a Chemist. Now I am a teacher myself and love to share my story , strength and hope with my students. I want to give back what Mr. Jones gave to me. A dream! I was one of his shining stars. Yet, every student were his shining stars up above! We all shined for him. I keep shining for him and many others who taught me to reach for the starts

  • Ramona Brown

    May 08, 05 2018 01:39:11

    I would like to appreciate my mother Gertrude Brown, she was my first teacher in life. She taught me how to read and write. She took us to the library, museum, and zoos!! She took us to book stores and let pick out books that she purchased for my sister and me!! She was also a teacher in the public school system in, SC, NY, and MA for over 30 years!! She is the reason that I am a teacher today, my love and quest for knowledge started at home! Happy Teacher’s Appreciation Week, Mommy!!

  • Cindy McBrayer

    May 08, 05 2018 11:43:38

    We celebrated and honored our favorite teacher by building and naming a school for her in Cambodia ….The Michèle Wade Memorial School! We learned about the Cambodia Schools Project from ACIS, and thanks to ACIS e were able to visit the MWM School last November, and take them a picture/plaque and Mrs. Wade’s “retirement “ school bell! She was our favorite teacher, our inspiration, our mentor, and our friend.

  • Aiden Novinska

    May 09, 05 2018 09:44:24

    A teacher who I will never be able to fully appreciate for all he’s done for me is my US history teacher Mr. Mark McBride. He is hands down the best teacher I’ve ever had and his passion for teaching as well as learning is infectious. He has truly taught me what it means to be passionate about something and that passion isn’t something that has to fade as you get older. He’s been teaching at my school for 24 years and the impact that he’s had on every one that he’s ever taught is something that transcends time. He has also been doing trips with ACIS since 1999 and I had the honor of going to Greece and Italy over spring break with him and some of my closest friends. It completely changed my life and he did everything possible to make our trip the best it could possibly be. I’m not going to go into too much detail but he has helped me through the most difficult and confusing times of my life during my 4 years of high school (graduating this month) and that alone is something that I could never ever repay him for. He has been through a lot this year too and I know that his stress levels have been a lot higher than they normally are. But he never brings any of that stress into his teaching and he never complains about any difficult situation he’s going through which is something I admire so much. All of his students love him and his teaching so much and he deserves to be recognized for all he does in any way possible. He has done so so much for our school and community over the past 24 years and (in my opinion) he deserves WAY more recognition and appreciation than he gets.

    (I know today is the 9th but I would appreciate it if you would take my comment into consideration. Thank you!)

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