30 Quirky New Year’s Traditions From Around the World [INFOGRAPHIC]

TakeLessons.com, a website that connects teachers and students for lessons in foreign languages, music, and more, shared this infographic on their blog to shine some light on the various New Year’s traditions of different cultures around the world. Whether’s eating certain foods, placing certain objects under pillows, or wearing certain colors of undergarments, everybody chooses different superstitions to bring in the new year.

30 Quirky New Year’s Traditions From Around the World

What new years traditions do you have? Let us know in the comments section below!

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cover photo credit: Epcot – New Year’s Eve 2014 via photopin (license)

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  • cours particuliers

    January 04, 01 2016 05:46:41

    In France we wait until midnight to open the champaign

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