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America the Beautiful

My bank, People’s Bank, is about a 5-minute walk from my house. The other night I wandered into the bank as I needed some statements. I ended up chatting with two of the tellers and when I did, I detected an accent. So I asked where they were from. One said she was from Bulgaria, had a Green Card, and was married to a Ukrainian guy. They loved Boston and she was going to apply for US citizenship. She first came here on a J1 Visa for work travel and she fell in love with America. Although she was anxious about it, she wanted to apply for a US passport but new administration policies made her concerned.

The other teller was from Nepal. She had won the lottery pick offered after the tragic earthquake in Katmandu and she had received a work visa for the USA. They have since discontinued the lottery but she is hopeful that her fiancée will one day get to come here. She was in Kathmandu when the earthquake hit and went a week living out in the open for fear of more tremors. She was so nice and so helpful. Then, out of the blue, the manager came over. He was from Armenia originally, his wife was from Russia, they spoke Russian at home, and loved the USA.

Three immigrants loving this place. How naive to have short sightedness on such a fundamental premise of the USA. There is nothing more American than being an immigrant! Travel changes lives.


  • Susan Harvey

    February 24, 02 2017 05:18:52

    Well said! We are a country of immigrants and we forget this at our peril.

  • Liza

    April 22, 04 2017 03:04:42

    Segun dicen este proyecto arrastra problemas desde su prespuesto , espero que a pesar de todo la imgi³nacaÃin de jonze prime sobre el resultado, o sea que sea buano, jje

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