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Parakeets in London...and Other Unexpected Travel Moments

Parakeets in London…and Other Unexpected Travel Moments

A given as part of the travel experience is to have your wish list of what you want to see and do. It’s as much a part of the anticipation ...

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From Literature to Travel...and Back Again

From Literature to Travel…and Back Again

What do a character called Plop, Hannibal, and life as a Tour Manager, have in common? You’d wonder, wouldn’t you? On a recent occasion with Tour Manager colleagues, chat and ...

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Stepping Back into Florence

Florence remains one of those magnetic cities of the world drawing the fascinated, the inspired and the curious in their droves to itself. After all, who can fail to be ...

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Choctaw Monument in Ireland

Hands of Friendship Across the Water

This guest post was contributed by ACIS Tour Manager Chris Relton. As tour managers, we love travel – we love discovery. It’s a given. But for all we see, all ...

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hadrians wall

Northern England Travel Journal: I’m Hadrian, This is My Wall

This guest post was contributed by ACIS Tour Manager Chris Relton. Why are we standing in the wilds of northern England? It’s a good question. To look north to the ...

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Sydney Harbour

Inspire Your Own ‘Must Go Explore’ List

I was recently struck by thoughts of ‘incredible’ at seeing photos of the Tower of London with commemorative poppies filling its moat. These thoughts were, not surprisingly, closely followed by ...

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Travelling with Her Majesty…almost!

There’s a chance that what I’m about to say may make me sound like some sort of Royal groupie. This isn’t intended but here goes: when you spend the time I ...

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Educational Travel’s Wow’s: Enjoy your “Acropolis Moment”!

It’s that moment of arrival when you stop, look, pinch yourself – yes, you really are here! It’s the moment you’ve been dreaming of for months, if not years, and ...

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Europe’s Most Historical Anniversaries to Commemorate This Year

As highlighted recently in my previous blog post, there are many ‘big ticket’ anniversaries throughout the year, each with the capacity to add additional context to any travels you may ...

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6 of the Biggest Events in 2014 Every Traveler Should Know

As 2014 settles into its stride, what might be in store for us all in the months ahead? That will reveal itself as the weeks roll—and I hope it’s all ...

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