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Around the World With Peter Jones: The Svalbard Diaries

ACIS President Peter Jones recently traveled from Boston to Svalbard in the Arctic Circle (And we thought Boston was cold!). Read about his adventures below, reposted from his blog Pietro ...

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Sir Cyril Taylor

In Memoriam – Sir Cyril Taylor (1935-2018)

Earlier this week Sir Cyril Taylor, the founder of ACIS’ parent company, the American Institute For Foreign Study, passed away peacefully at his home in London. I first met Sir ...

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The Faroe Islands - Peter Jones Travelogue

The Faroe Islands – Peter Jones Travelogue

When I was a kid in the UK, I used to listen to the shipping forecast on the radio late at night. It felt cozy and reassuring when I was ...

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educational tours to canada

Oh, Canada!

France has just been through its elections. A narrow campaign that needed a centrist like Macron to beat a crazy person. In the U.K., they are having another election. Brexit ...

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Flight Delays A Lesson in Patience

Flight Delays: A Lesson in Patience

While stuck at LaGuardia Airport for 7 hours due to a delay last week, I was thinking about the issues facing our teachers who are traveling with their large groups ...

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america the beautiful

America the Beautiful

My bank, People’s Bank, is about a 5-minute walk from my house. The other night I wandered into the bank as I needed some statements. I ended up chatting with ...

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Peter Jones' Statement on Living in a Multi-Cultural World

ACIS President Peter Jones’ Statement on Living in a Multi-Cultural World

When we first started ACIS in 1978, we had a very simple premise: Travel Changes Lives. The success of ACIS as an educational travel organization has always been based around ...

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An Icelandic Winter

It’s the middle of winter, the snow has just started, the temperature is jumping down into the teens most days in Boston, and the days are desperately short. I know ...

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Sligo, Ireland – Destination Spotlight

Arriving in Dublin on a Saturday night can be a fun experience under any circumstance, but renting a car and driving into town after the final of the All-Ireland Gaelic ...

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acis acquires visit canada and launches acis america

ACIS Acquires Visit Canada and Launches ACIS America

Since 1978, I have built this company on the premise that teachers and students deserve only the best when it comes to educational travel opportunities. Our commitment to quality and ...

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