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A World of Possibilities: How Educational Travel Impacts Student Futures

What students get out of an educational tour can be immediately apparent – the pictures of ancient ruins, the newly absorbed factoids, the delicately-crafted souvenirs from local artisans – but ...

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Staff Spotlight: Academic Travel Advisor Beth Marshall

ACIS couldn’t run without the help of our incredible Academic Travel Advisors (ATAs), teachers and travel enthusiasts who help spread the word about our trips across the country. Meeting with ...

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Going Back in Time: A Trip to Guédelon Castle

Guest Post by Christy Belbey I am proud to be a veteran ACIS teacher! I have done 12 student trips with ACIS since 1996. Travel has been a big part ...

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10 Ways to Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week

May 4th-11th marks Teacher Appreciation Week, and while you may see a shortage of Red Delicious apples in the produce section, there are plenty of other creative ways to acknowledge the ...

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A Striking Dilemma: How ACIS Helped Keep My Trip on Track

Anthony D’Amico teaches English at Floral Park High School in Floral Park, NY, and has been leading student tours for the past 10 years. On his most recent trip to ...

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Student Ambassador Spotlight: Garrett N.

Student Ambassador Garrett N. from Rochester, NY, recently returned from his school’s “Kingdom by the Sea” tour of the British Isles. Lead by his teacher Lynne Brooks, the ACIS trip ...

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Teacher Training Recap: Leadership in the DR

Ann Rento works in admissions at a private school in Albany, New York. Over MLK Day Weekend 2018, Ann attended ACIS’ Youth Leadership Training Workshop in the Dominican Republic. We ...

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Teacher Spotlight Anthony Warzecha – Texas

Teacher Spotlight: Anthony Warzecha – Texas

Anthony Warzecha is a Social Studies Teacher from Texas. His first educational travel experience was in 2014 when he led a group of students to Greece and Italy. His second ...

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Teacher Spotlight Anthony D - New York

Teacher Spotlight: Anthony D’Amico – New York

Anthony D’Amico teaches English at Floral Park High School in Floral Park, NY. He’s been leading student tours for the past 10 years and is a big believer in the ...

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Teacher Spotlight Rachel S - Indiana

Teacher Spotlight: Rachel S – Indiana

Rachel S is a social studies teacher in Indiana, and an ACIS Group Leader. As a high school student, she went on an educational tour with ACIS, and it changed ...

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