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6 French Language & Culture Podcasts for Students

Podcasts are more than just a technological fad: they can be great tools for learning, both independently and in a more formal classroom setting. Whether you’re a French instructor, a student ...

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Download the New ACIS Quick Menu Guide

If you’re traveling to Italy, you’re in for some absolutely delicious cuisine. Don’t let a bit of vocabulary keep you stumped on an empty stomach: download the new ACIS Quick Menu ...

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An Ideal Walking Tour of Rome: Part 2

In our new three part series, Roman local tour guide Carlotta Boldrini shares her expertise on touring Rome – by foot! Carlotta is a former ACIS Tour Manager and the current ...

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Going Back in Time: A Trip to Guédelon Castle

Guest Post by Christy Belbey I am proud to be a veteran ACIS teacher! I have done 12 student trips with ACIS since 1996. Travel has been a big part ...

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Why Next Generation Travel

Next Generation Travel: what’s it all about? Webster’s dictionary has no definition (yet), but you can think of it as a trip that goes above and beyond the typical tour, ...

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Celebrate National Poetry Month in Your Language Classes

Happy National Poetry Month! April is dedicated to exploring the poetic art form, and while Language Arts is usually the go-to subject for classroom integration, including poetry in a foreign language ...

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6 Easter Traditions Around the World

For Christians around the world, Easter is one of the holiest events of the year, but even if you are not of faith, the accompanying celebrations can be fascinating to ...

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A guide to french cheek kissing

A Guide to French Kissing (It’s not what you think!)

If you’ve mastered the basics of French communication (check out The Importance of Saying Bonjour), then perhaps we can move on to more serious things. I’m assuming that during your ...

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As The World Turns with Peter Jones - Episode 7 ACIS Tour Manager Oihana Lazpita

En Español: As The World Turns with Peter Jones – Episode 7: ACIS Tour Manager Oihana Lazpita [VIDEO]

In December of 2016, before our annual meeting of the ACIS Tour Managers, we recorded a series of interviews with a handful of tour managers in our London office. The ...

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French language resources: The Importance of Saying Bonjour

The Importance of Saying Bonjour: A Guide to Speaking French in France

If you’re contemplating a trip to France anytime soon, there are a few key phrases you should probably learn. ‘Bonjour’, ‘merci’ and ‘un café américain et un pain au chocolat ...

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