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Celebrate Earth Day With These Neat Nature Facts

Earth Day is April 22, and to celebrate, we’ve put together some fun and fascinating facts from some of our top science-focused destinations. Share them with your students, and for ...

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New Classroom Content – 2019 ACIS STEM Calendar

Bring the science classroom around the world with the 2019 ACIS STEM Calendar! We’ve created a resource just for science teachers who want to expose their students to a wide range ...

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5 Travel Apps to Download Before Your Trip

It can be daunting trying to decide which travel apps would be best to download on your smartphone for your upcoming trip abroad. There are too many to choose from ...

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ACIS Iceland: Your Classroom Outdoors

We’ve recently blogged about the natural beauty of Iceland, but these amazing landscapes hold more than photo opps: behind every waterfall and beneath every geyser there is an adventure in scientific ...

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7 Ted Talks for Back to School Inspiration

True: Back to School Season is an exhilarating time when teachers return to a new classroom refreshed and full of ideas for student growth and the physical classroom itself. Also true: Back to ...

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6 French Language & Culture Podcasts for Students

Podcasts are more than just a technological fad: they can be great tools for learning, both independently and in a more formal classroom setting. Whether you’re a French instructor, a student ...

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Why Next Generation Travel

Next Generation Travel: what’s it all about? Webster’s dictionary has no definition (yet), but you can think of it as a trip that goes above and beyond the typical tour, ...

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french virtual tourism blog main image

Virtual Tourism – Online Tour of the Château de Chenonceau [6 LESSON PLANS]

When it comes to learning a world language, there’s no better way than to immerse students in the culture of the target language. That’s where the language comes alive and ...

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4 Free Apps to Communicate With Parents While On Tour

4 Free Apps to Communicate with Parents While On Tour

Encouraging kids to communicate with their parents can be a challenge no matter where they are, but when you’re traveling with them in a foreign country, it becomes an especially ...

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5 Ways to use maps in the classroom

5 Ways to Use Maps in the Classroom

When I think back to my days as a high school sophomore, I remember the experience of sitting in class, learning about European History vividly. What sticks out in my ...

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