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Uber Vaparetto – The Wave of the Future?

All of the talk wherever I go is whether Uber is ethical. Let’s rewind and remember that Uber started essentially as a high-end, low-cost limo service with smart drivers and ...

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Crossing Over To Cuba: Around the World with Peter Jones

First Impressions I last traveled to Havana more than 20 years ago. We had set this trip up to begin opening up Havana for our market and to take advantage ...

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Christmas crackers UK

Christmas Crackers: An English Tradition

Christmas Crackers are such a part of an English holiday celebration, I couldn’t imagine not pulling a cracker and putting a really silly paper crown on my head while eating ...

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Elgin marbles 122314_blogfeatured

Have They Lost Their Elgin Marbles?

For the first time in ages, literally, a bit of the now infamous Elgin Marbles is on the move. Back to whence it came? No – it’s been shipped to ...

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Red poppies

Why You’ll See Poppies Everywhere in London This Time of Year

Every year at this time, London is a sea of red. To commemorate the end of the First World War, tradition has it that poppies are sold on the streets ...

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City of Istanbul

Turkey Delights – ACIS President Peter Jones Visits Istanbul

Turkey. It is at once an exotic place, a border country between Asia and Europe which has this veneer of Euro sophistication, spotty in places, but reassuringly there. Istanbul’s airport, ...

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Festivals, Symphonies, and Food: Northern Italy in the Summertime

The Redentore Festival I had never been to Venice during the Festa del Redentore.  It is quite a spectacle. Historically, the festival is a celebration of the end of the ...

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The Secret Life of Bees

I paid a visit to Rick and Nancy’s farm, Bear Meadow Apiary, in Ashfield, MA the other day.  They keep chickens, grow vegetables, and also have a bunch of bee ...

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Passaporti e dei Carabinieri

So it happened to me at last. After 40+ uneventful years and fairly casual security on my part, my two passports were stolen in Italy. A friend of mine rented ...

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Lunch at the Shard

Of all of the days to get invited to the Shard for lunch, I chose the rainy day.  Of course, this is London and chances are that you are going ...

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