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I Survived the Blizzard of 2013 & All I Got Was This Blog Post

The snowstorm came and went and Nemo, the blizzard of 2013, still leaves its marks across the city in the form of mountains of snow and restricted parking.

But how I love these storms!

I still remember the blizzard of 1978 – the one which everybody refers to as the benchmark for all storms. It was massive for many reasons. Firstly, 47 inches were recorded at Logan Airport alone. Secondly, two feet had already fallen the week before. But mostly the city was ill-prepared: forecasting was next to zero and the equipment was not as state-of-the-art as it is today. Certainly made it more exciting!

After the recent blizzard, I noticed while driving through South Boston that people still stake their parking claims with a chair or table once they have dug themselves out a parking space. Even though the rule from the city is that you cannot do that, I would hate to be the person that moves their car into that spot, especially in Southie.

Legislation enacted over the weekend banned the usage of cars for the duration of the storm and the day after. Not only banned, but heavily enforced. I saw a cop ticket two flagrant abusers on my street and slap them with a $500 fine each. I must say, and please forgive me for saying this, that it warmed my heart. After all, there were kids tobogganing down the street and no room to walk down the sidewalks due to the snow.

Now as the days grow longer and the evenings are lighter, the chance of a repeat performance diminishes. That along with the other thing (that some are in denial of) called climate change, signals a change. These types of blizzards may become rarer as the years go on. The weather is more topsy-turvey now. But this was quite a beautiful snow fall and Spring is just around the corner.

See you out there somewhere.


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