Now Available: Perdido en Madrid Episode 2

The adventure in Spain continues with the second and final episode of Perdido en Madrid! In part 1, American college student Brandon arrives in Madrid – and immediately finds himself lost. He encounters Cristina, who works in the local tourism office, and together they explore some of the city’s most important historic sites. Episode 2 is a look at the Madrid of today, its bustling and trendy neighborhoods incorporating the long-standing traditions that have made the city unique, such as tapas and boat rides in Retiro park.

Episode 2 is now available for download

Episode 2 and its accompanying exercise workbook put essential Spanish language skills into practice in a funny, relatable format.
Topics of review include:

  • Tener + que + infinitive
  • Common expressions
  • Food and flavors
  • Using gustar

Download the videos and workbooks for Episode 1 + 2!

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