Oh, Canada!

France has just been through its elections. A narrow campaign that needed a centrist like Macron to beat a crazy person. In the U.K., they are having another election. Brexit scars are evident. The country is so deeply polarized and now the government has called the country to a vote. And Renzi, the fallen Italian prime minister, is returning. It’s crazy. Political alphabet soup everywhere.

Recently I was up in Toronto and I must say it seems so sane and so current. Canada actually seems grown up. Their Prime Minster, Justin Trudeau, is such a cool leader that he has almost achieved rock star status.

Canada has always believed in educational exchange and a meaningful open borders policy. One of the exciting developments for ACIS is that we take lots of American students to Canada on short educational programs. For French teachers, this is such a plus. French immersion, historical cities like Montreal and Quebec, and all right next door to us.

So looking out to the 49th parallel and beyond, it sure looks good – educational exchanges, the highest percentage of passport holders, dual language, low college tuition, and affordable healthcare. You can see it on the faces of the Canadians. It’s a happy place to visit. As it turns out, there is an awful lot of country to visit too. It’s the second largest country in the world. Oh, Canada!

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