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Peter Jones’ Response to the Events in Brussels

Dear Educators,

The tragic events that took place in Brussels on March 22nd serve as a reminder that peace in our world is never something we can take for granted. No matter how many times despicable acts like this occur, we must never let the perpetrators win by letting fear of the unknown govern our lives. The civilization we all share is too strong to be daunted by the senseless acts of these misguided few. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of those affected by these latest events.

Our extensive overseas network on the ground and our offices in London and Paris are in constant contact with our Tour Managers leading our teachers and their students on trips throughout Europe. All of our groups are safe and secure. They are fully participating in and enjoying the cultural and educational activities they have planned. In the wake of this tragedy, life goes on.

Over the next few weeks, we will have a large number of groups visiting Europe. Safety and security have always been paramount to ACIS. Our travelers will see heightened security, and a continuing presence and check-ins by the ACIS team. Even now, we are talking with teachers, making adjustments where necessary and briefing all of our overseas staff on how to handle concerns that will arise. I will be in Paris and Rome during this time to meet up with groups, as will other members of our US based staff. We look forward to seeing many of you over there.

In the meantime, we all have an important job to do—to showcase our world, to explore iconic places and help students understand the beauty that has been bequeathed to us by artists and architects from centuries past. By being there and showing the power and meaning of cultural tolerance and understanding, we do a small part in making our world a better place. I have been traveling all my life. It has helped me understand our world a bit more and that is all we can ask as we go forward, especially in these difficult days.

Peter Jones

Read more about ACIS’ approach to Safety & Security on tour.


  • Joyce Campbell

    March 25, 03 2016 10:48:12

    I just read your message posted on the blog and I was very touched by your words yet assured you are putting in place secure measures for the groups that will hopefully give some comfort to parents who are sending their children with us to travel the world.
    Peace to you this Easter!

  • Linda Carpenter

    March 25, 03 2016 12:58:07

    Beautifully said! No matter how many incidents like this happen, we need our students to see the world “bequeathed” to them as you so eloquently put it. The educational odysseys that ACIS provides will forever change our students lives for the better, enable them to become global citizens, and help them to make the world a healthier place. I know I will keep traveling with ACIS where I feel safe, secure and empowered to bestow this priceless gift of travel upon my students. Thank you for all you do!

  • Jim McPherrin

    March 25, 03 2016 07:02:17

    Unfortunately, Peter, it is not “a misguided few.”

    • Roger Dillard

      March 27, 03 2016 12:52:18

      Too bad Jim,

      I think that the term “Few” that Peter used was generous. Consider that there are 1.6 BILLON peace loving Muslims in our world. A “few” of that number would populate Texas.

  • Roger Dillard

    March 27, 03 2016 12:46:14

    Well said Peter! The best way to overcome these tragedies is to expose as many students and teachers as possible to the world at large. We live in a bubble in the US that is easy to burst, expose kids to another culture. I tell my parents that it is more imparitive now than ever to give kids the gift of a larger world view. You are spot on about a “misguided few” though I think that a “misguided thousand or so out of 2 billion people” would be more accurate. Unfortunately we do not look at the world that way! I hope to see you on the road!


    Roger and Katie Dillard

  • Pauline Sinnamon

    July 15, 07 2016 03:01:56

    Peter, thank you for your words of of reason and support. As my traveler and I prepare to leave for Barcelona and Paris on Monday, July 18th, your reassurance means more than ever. Thank you.
    Kindest regards,
    Pauline Sinnamon

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