2018-2019 School Year French Calendar

Travel abroad every month just by turning the page on our 2018-2019 Cultural Calendars! We’ve gathered 12 destinations in the French-speaking world to explore in the classroom. Each page comes with ...

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Celebrate National Poetry Month in Your Language Classes

Happy National Poetry Month! April is dedicated to exploring the poetic art form, and while Language Arts is usually the go-to subject for classroom integration, including poetry in a foreign language ...

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A guide to french cheek kissing

A Guide to French Kissing (It’s not what you think!)

If you’ve mastered the basics of French communication (check out The Importance of Saying Bonjour), then perhaps we can move on to more serious things. I’m assuming that during your ...

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As The World Turns with Peter Jones - Episode 1 ACIS Tour Manager Lucy Ryan

As The World Turns with Peter Jones – Episode 1: ACIS Tour Manager Lucy Ryan [VIDEO]

In November of 2016, ACIS Tour Manager Lucy Ryan, stopped by the ACIS office in Boston while she was passing through town. Since Lucy speaks four languages, lives in Barcelona, ...

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