10 Short Stories for Your Language Arts Class on Halloween

October 31st can pose a challenge for teachers: How do you engage a group of students fully costumed and thinking about candy-filled festivities? Lean into the spirit in your language ...

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A Magical Tour: Exploring the UK Through Harry Potter

For the many Harry Potter fans out there, visiting the UK can seem like walking into an enchanted land, full of funny accents, eccentric characters, and bewitching castles. Many of ...

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Seeing Berlin Through Literature

Berlin is a fascinating city, destroyed and re-designed throughout the 20th century, and at the heart of political events that were to shape the whole of Europe many times over. ...

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From Literature to Travel...and Back Again

From Literature to Travel…and Back Again

What do a character called Plop, Hannibal, and life as a Tour Manager, have in common? You’d wonder, wouldn’t you? On a recent occasion with Tour Manager colleagues, chat and ...

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Shakespeare illustration by Gayle Kabaker

6 Places Around the World to Celebrate Shakespeare’s 450th Birthday

Happy Birthday to Mr. William Shakespeare, Bard of Avon! While his actual date of birth is not known (only his baptism was recorded on April 26, 1564), it has been ...

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6 of the Biggest Events in 2014 Every Traveler Should Know

As 2014 settles into its stride, what might be in store for us all in the months ahead? That will reveal itself as the weeks roll—and I hope it’s all ...

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