olympic stadiums

What’s Next for the Olympics?

This February, the greatest athletes from around the world gathered in PyeongChang, South Korea, for the biggest Winter Olympics yet, with 92 nations represented by 2,920 athletes. Needless to say, ...

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A guide to french cheek kissing

A Guide to French Kissing (It’s not what you think!)

If you’ve mastered the basics of French communication (check out The Importance of Saying Bonjour), then perhaps we can move on to more serious things. I’m assuming that during your ...

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educational tour to Paris for Art Lovers

Paris for Art Lovers

If you’re a real lover of art, whether you’ve been to Paris before or not, it can be hard to know just how to see it all in the few ...

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jean francois henley wheatley school

Teacher Spotlight: Jean-François Henley – Old Westbury, New York

Jean-François Henley is a French teacher at The Wheatley School in Old Westbury, New York, and an ACIS Group Leader. He recently returned from his second ACIS trip to France, ...

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global conference review - paris 2016

Paris 2016 – Global Conference Review

This guest post was contributed by Teresa Bell Engebretsen, a middle school French Teacher from Durham, North Carolina, upon her return from the ACIS Global Teacher Conference in Paris, France. ...

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one teacher's response to the events in paris

One Teacher’s Response to the Events in Paris

The events in Paris have deeply affected all of us and realigned our perspective in a variety of ways. One teacher summed up his feelings as to how we as a community ...

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Eiffle Tower

What The Eiffel Tower and ACIS Academic Travel Advisors Have In Common

This guest blog post was written by Academic Travel Advisor, Nicolette Miller Riding up the glass elevators of the Eiffel Tower with the world of Paris at your feet is ...

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Father and Daughter Teachers Team Up for Student Travel

Mike Conn, a social studies teacher from Milton, PA, knows what to expect when traveling abroad with students.  A veteran teacher and group leader, Mike has been traveling abroad with ...

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How to Build a World Language Program Through Travel

This guest blog post was written by French Teacher, Nicolette Miller, who has traveled with ACIS since 1991. Nicolette is also an Academic Travel Advisor for ACIS. One of the challenges ...

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Tales of Three Cities—Books and Movies about London, Paris and Rome

Nothing gets us more excited about travel than reading a good book or watching a film where a destination is brought vividly to life. In many great works of literature ...

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