Brandon’s 5 Recommendations for Visiting Madrid

Brandon is currently studying Spanish at UT Austin and has spent a year in Seville as part of his curriculum. You can see more of his time abroad in our ...

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Off the Road: Daily Life of an ACIS Tour Manager

ACIS Tour Managers travel across the globe with students on tour, but they all have to call someplace home. In our new Off the Road series, we interview our Tour ...

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Destination Spotlight: Valencia

By ACIS Social Media Manager Sarah Bichsel When you bring home a flyer advertising your school’s ACIS educational tour to Madrid, Barcelona, and Valencia, you probably recognize the first two cities instantly. ...

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Student Essay Who lives sees much. Who travels sees more.

Student Essay: “Who lives sees much. Who travels sees more.”

Ryan Waltz is a student at Virginia Tech University. She wrote the following essay reflecting on her experience traveling to Spain with ACIS in 2013 and how it has shaped ...

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As The World Turns with Peter Jones - Episode 2 ACIS Tour Manager Oihana Lazpita

As The World Turns with Peter Jones – Episode 2: ACIS Tour Manager Oihana Lazpita [VIDEO]

In December of 2016, before our annual meeting of the ACIS Tour Managers, we recorded a series of interviews with a handful of tour managers in our London office. The ...

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educational tours to andalusia

Discovering Andalusia

Although Tour Managers are usually the experts, sometimes we too travel into unfamiliar territory and get to feel the delight of discovering a place for the first time. For me, ...

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España 2015

STUDENT VIDEO: España 2015

Madeleine Barrett traveled with her classmates to Spain in the Summer of 2015. She documented her trip with her video camera while she and her fellow students explored Spain’s vibrant and diverse national culture including ...

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Traveling with Spanish Teacher Nancy Beck

Each month, we’re proud to introduce you to an extraordinary educator from the US who believes in the power of educational travel to shape the lives of students, both academically ...

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A Passion For Travel: The Inspiring ACIS Community

Not only does ACIS pride itself on delivering the best quality educational tours in the industry, but we also are fortunate to have a strong community of passionate teachers and ...

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5 Unique Destinations You’ll Love on Pathfinder Tours

There’s no denying that Paris enchants, London entertains, Munich inspires, Madrid captivates and Rome delights. These and other well-known cities are popular stops most travelers’ itineraries for very good reasons. ...

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