7 Natural Reasons to Head to Iceland

Combine sprawling national parks, hot springs, volcanoes, windswept cliffs, waterfalls, craggy moors and northern lights, and you have an outdoor adventurer’s dream come true. Or as it’s better known, Iceland. ...

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Why Next Generation Travel

Next Generation Travel: what’s it all about? Webster’s dictionary has no definition (yet), but you can think of it as a trip that goes above and beyond the typical tour, ...

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New STEM Activity: The Mediterranean Diet

Bring international flavor to the classroom with an all new STEM activity on the Mediterranean Diet! High School Biology and Human Nutrition Teacher Carlie Frydman has created a two-part lesson plan ...

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New STEM Activity: Human Genome Sequencing

In 1990, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and National Institutes of Health (NIH) officially launched the first phase of The Human Genome Project, an internationally collaborative attempt to map and ...

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Edna Pajela on STEM and STEAM in Iceland

Teacher Spotlight: Edna Pajela – McKinney, Texas on STEM and STEAM in Iceland

Edna Pajela works at McKinney Christian Academy in McKinney, Texas and has traveled with her students several times throughout her career. She recently completed a trip to Iceland where she ...

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stem educational travel

STEM Educational Travel

Ask any STEM educator about the importance of what they do, and they’ll inevitably tell you that STEM is deeply intertwined with the world in which we live. At ACIS, ...

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