Dining Out in France: A Few Quick Tips

Every travel experience offers the opportunity to try some delicious new foods, which means you will likely find yourself navigating culinary customs different than your own. On a recent trip ...

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Tips for Staying Healthy While Traveling

Spring has arrived! Across the northern hemisphere, everybody’s enjoying the boundless vistas of green and slumping out of winter hibernation. Say ¡adiós!, au revoir, and ciao! to your winter gloom ...

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Travel Photography for Beginners

The ineffable value of travel stretches way beyond the corners of a picture frame. However, photography is a fantastic medium for sharing meaningful travel experiences. These photography secrets will not ...

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An Update on European Travel Permissions for 2021

In recent weeks, you may have heard a few news stories buzzing about upcoming changes to American travel permissions within Europe – Or maybe you haven’t and I’ve now suddenly ...

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Brandon’s 5 Recommendations for Visiting Madrid

Brandon is currently studying Spanish at UT Austin and has spent a year in Seville as part of his curriculum. You can see more of his time abroad in our ...

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A guide to french cheek kissing

A Guide to French Kissing (It’s not what you think!)

If you’ve mastered the basics of French communication (check out The Importance of Saying Bonjour), then perhaps we can move on to more serious things. I’m assuming that during your ...

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Top 5 Things Not To Miss in Venice Italy

Top 5 Things Not To Miss In Venice Italy

Not many things in the world can beat the buzz of the water taxi from Marco Polo to the center of town. We had arranged to stay in an apartment ...

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Top Travel Trends for 2015 ACIS

Top Travel Trends For 2015

Hello 2015! Yes, the year Marty McFly visits in “Back to the Future Part 2,” has finally arrived.  Unfortunately, 2015 doesn’t have the flying cars or hoverboards predicted in Back to ...

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7 Travel planning tips for busy teachers

7 Travel Planning Tips for Busy Teachers

An experienced teacher and ACIS group leader offers tips on how to balance a busy teaching schedule and organizing student travel. This is a guest blog post written by Pam ...

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What to wear in italy

What to Wear: Winter Travel in Italy

We’re big believers in being prepared travelers and packing light, but just because your travel gear is functional doesn’t mean you can’t be stylish! Your clothes should be destination appropriate, ...

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