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The Real Difference Between Us and the Other Guys


No matter the time of year, things stay pretty busy at ACIS. Groups are getting ready to travel, others are planning future trips and our team is answering questions about hotels, cultural connections, rooming and flights. Never a dull moment!

At all times, we maintain our promise of an exceptional experience. It’s what we love to do.

Over the years, I have learned that the difference (and sometimes the devil) is in the details of a well planned and executed educational travel program. I’ve heard horror stories of hotels in the middle of nowhere with our low priced competitors. Their sales people claim that location is not important, that a quality experience begins and ends with the flavor of a city. This “flavor” is doled out during daylight hours, then back on a suburban train or a local bus to a hotel miles from where you want to be.

Our competitors reckon that this matter of distance and location does not affect the impression of a first-time student visitor to a wonderful city like Rome, Paris or Barcelona.

Really? Who is kidding whom?

They’ll say anything to bridge the gap and difference between the nuts and bolts of their experience with ours.

Let’s face it. We both know it’s not just the quality and location of hotels that separates ACIS from our competitors. The real difference is our company-wide culture and belief that you don’t get a second chance to make a first global impression. In that, we take nothing for granted–the inclusions, the quality of the meals and the flexibility of schedule. We leave nothing to chance. Your educational trip is an extension of your classroom, and your professional practice. This is an enormous responsibility and one that we take very seriously. It drives us to obsess over the details and strive for the best possible experience whenever and wherever.

And when there are occasional bumps in the road, that’s when a great company shines. This is travel. Stuff happens when you travel. Variables like weather, train schedules, strikes, etc. can cause disruption. But, there is a huge difference, and it’s a game changer when you travel with ACIS. We take charge and see you through to the other side. We make it better. In a nutshell, we fix things fast.

The other guys…?


That’s what you should expect from your travel provider. That’s what we do. Simple as it seems. It’s why teachers trust ACIS with their travel plans. The only surprise I want when I travel is the power of the first impression of an iconic sight. It never dulls and never disappoints. At least for me, it remains as compelling as my first view of the Doges palace across the Venetian lagoon all those years ago.

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